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Sunday, August 31, 2008

-->hari raya light up 2008

The light up ceremony this year was absolutely fantastic with great performances and sporting Guest-of-Honours. :)

At the reception area (outside Rumah Seri of Malay Village), there was a music and dance to entertain our guests as they mingled around.

Isn't the dancer absolutely elegant?

Some of our important guests:

The CEO of Courts.

Dr. Fatimah Lateef.

After the reception was the concert with the official light up ceremony. Our guest-of-honour was SM Goh Chok Tong.

The light up ceremony with the GM of Malay Village at the extreme left and SM Goh in the middle.

The crowds were absolutely enthusiastic as SM lit up Geylang Serai, marking the start of the festive season.

This little girl was waiting for her favourite singer to snap a shot of!

Did you miss out on the show? Fret not, here are the performers of the day! Power-packed voices, fantastic music and dance and hilarious jokes.

And SM Goh joined in sportingly as well!

Awww... what a sweet pair of lovebirds.

But these are the REAL lovebirds!

And as the crowd watched on,

There was a fantastic display of fireworks!

Geylang Serai sure looks different now!

Enjoy the festive month!

Malay Village sends its well-wishes to all in the month ahead!

3:00 PM

Saturday, August 30, 2008

-->the early half of the busy day.

Malay Village is packed to the brim with activities today! Here are some photos of what happened in the earlier half of the day!

SMUKI from SMU held part of their orientation games here at our museum.

Here, the students are trying out some traditional indonesian dance.

This is the most popular move in traditional indonesian dance. :)

There was even a wedding in the afternoon in the Singgahsana Hall.

The wedding procession... and...

The blessed bride and groom!

Malay weddings, like weddings of other cultures, are always accompanied with music.

Here are the children with the bungga manga, celebrating the wedding of their relatives.

We'll have our Hari Raya Light Up Ceremony 2008 in a few hours time! So if you happen to be free, drop by and immerse in the festive spirit!

4:46 PM

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

-->kinderland's school visit.

We had a school group from KINDERLAND today and we brought the children around Kampung Days, the Kampung Museum and to the games corner. Take a look at these photos!

Here in Kampung Days, the children were listening to Uncle Bajuri explaining the lifestyles of the people during those days when houses had attap roofs.

Here, Uncle Bajuri is explaining the use of the gong in the Kampung Museum.

Ahhh~ Finally a rest in the bride's room. :)

One of our staff, Mdm Zainab, interacting with one of the hyperactive children. :)

"I've invented a new way to play five stones! Street fighter style!!"

Zzng~! Zzng~! The return of the clone bunga mangga!

Ahh~~ Back to the good old days when children enjoy themselves WITHOUT the computer. :) Those days are really worth reminiscing, aren't they?

2:25 PM

Monday, August 25, 2008

-->singapore cat club olympic cat show

The Singapore Cat Club hosted the 35th anniversary Cat Show on Sunday and cat-lovers gathered and brought their pets to the Singghasana Hall for the Olympic Cat Show.

Cat food and clothing were sold so that the animals could doll up for the event. :)

These are gorgeous kittens!

LOTS of medals for this one!

Stay tuned for our upcoming events!!!

4:15 PM

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

-->light up the festive mood!

Hey all, the next event coming up will be the Singapore Cat Club Olympic Cat Show on the 24th and we're calling all animal lovers to join us here at Malay Village!

Also, in lieu of the festive season coming up, we've brought in festive lightings exclusively sold in Malay Village! There'll be a stall selling these lightings in Malay Village's Hari Raya Bazaar but if you're thinking of grabbing these before the crowd, you can call us or come down to the General Office in Malay Village to purchase them. :)

This lamp is handmade from over 800 beads and can be hanged from the ceiling to give the place a cosy look.

It comes in 3 colours: blue, green and yellow.

This wall decoration is for classy families. It comes in 3 colours: blue, yellow and green.

This drape can be hung as an additional curtain deco.

Or even around the dining area. :)

Butterflies come in 5 colours: blue, yellow, green, pink and purple.

They serve as fantastic night lights for the children. ;)

And flowers!

Glorious green.

Pretty pink.

Bedazzling blue!
They also come in purple and yellow!

Roses come in elegant colours like orange (but looks gold when it's lighted up), maroon-ish blue, and yellow.

And a nice mix of them looks something like this:

So come on down and grab these festive lightings now!! And after the festive season, they serve as fantastic night lights. ;)

12:11 PM

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14 August 2010 - Gamelan Ensemble, Javanese dance & Kompang.
( By Tedja Timur, Putra Assoc. & Dermaga Seni Pusaka)
15 August 2010 - Gamelan, Javanese Dance.
(By Telung Turunggo)

21 August 2010 - Malay Dance & Fashion Show
(By Majlis Pusat- Kirana Seni)
22 August 2010 - Silat Performance
(By Majlis Pusat- PPWT)

28 August 2010 - Silat Performance & Malay Dance
(By Tapak Suci Putera Muhammadiyah, Sendeng Pukulan & Gabungan Dancers)
29 August 2010 - Nasyid
(Nasyid Dibaii Nur Mutiara)

4 September 2010 - Dikir Barat
(By Dikri Barat Singapura)
5 September 2010 - Kompang, Dance
(By Pehak)

9 September 2010 - Kompang, Dikir barat
(By Putra Assoc., Tedja Timur & Dermaga Seni Pusaka)

"KAMPUNG FEST" -25 DEC 2009"



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*syarahan or religious talks from 5.30pm-6.30pm on
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*malay dance & silat martial arts performances from 9pm-10.30pm on

*syarahan or religious talks from 5.30pm-6.30pm on
*kompang performances, malay & javanese dance from 9pm-10.30pm on
*malay orchestra, malay dance & keris display from 9pm-10.30pm on
*syarahan or religious talks from 5.30pm-6.30pm on
*kompang performances, malay a& javanese dance from 9pm -10.30pm on
*dikir barat performances 13/9/09
*kompang performance, malay & javanese dance from 9pm -10.30pm on

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